Sunday, February 26, 2012

like a bridge over troubled waters...

like a bridge... over troubled waters....
[Laxman Jhula bridge, Rishikesh, India]

Dr. Ram Sharma, India




Lord shiva stopped the pace,
of Holy Ganges in his hairs in this place,
so it was named Rishikesh[ hairs of a saint]
Laxman Jhula[swing] stands firm,
to cross the devotees to Neelkanth[holy temple]
Ram Jhula makes the pilgrimmage more confirm,
Neel dhara[ blue stream] dances wayward,
Gita Bhawan is far more forward,
Swarg Ashram is more holy,
to shelter the persons totally,
Holy Ganges enlightens us,
by its holy touch of purity,
it bears the essence of several medicinal plants,
its Gangajal is our grants,
jingling of bells , sounds of shells,
chanting of mantras, in the holy dells,
Transports us to religious bliss
Go there once, don`t miss

Sunday, February 12, 2012

who is helping you, don't ever forget them...

Who is helping you, don't ever forget them.
Who is loving you, don't ever hate them.
Who is believing you, don't ever cheat them.-----SWAMI VIVEKANANDA

Reality has no continuity... it is from moment to moment...

Reality has no continuity; it is

from moment to moment,

ever new, ever fresh. What has

continuity can never be creative.

Reality is not to be spoken of; and

when it is, it is no longer reality.

(J. Krishnamurti)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Human society exists because it is impossible for us to live in isolation...

Human society exists because

it is impossible for us to live in

isolation. Since we must live

together we should do so with

a positive attitude of concern

for one another.

(Dalai Lama)