Sunday, June 19, 2011


The Meaning of Namaste: In Sanskrit the word is namah + te = namaste which means “I bow to you” - my greetings, salutations or prostration
We pray that we continuously keep on suffering time to time because in these times we are able to concentrate more on Almighty.Although we remember God all the time but in our sufferings we remember Him more .---OM NAMO NARAYAN----R.S.

adopt simple living and high thinking..

People have lost their senses and walk self-deluded

in this sense-universe. Intelligent people devise

intelligent methods to take bribes and earn money
by various dishonest means. There is corruption

everywhere. It has brought restlessness everywhere.

Mercy, sympathy, candidness and honesty have fled

away from the heart. When the mind is filled with

greed, passion and dishonesty, conscience is

destroyed. Now then, is there any remedy for

improving this present deplorable state of affairs?

Yes, there is. We will have to adopt

simple living and high thinking.

LOVE ALL --- SERVE ALL-----------------------Dr. Ram Sharma, Meerut, India


One volcanic eruption may sweep away all our roads and hospitals and cities and buildings.Let us give up all this foolish talk of doing good to the world.It is not waiting for your or my help, yet we must work and constantly do good, because it is a blessing to ourselves .That is the only way we can become perfect.No beggar whom we have helped has ever owed a single cent to us we owe everything to him, because he has allowed us to exercise our charity on him.------Swami Vivekanand

if you desire wealth... your mind will be running day and night after money..

If you desire wealth , and know at the same time that the whole world regards him who aims at wealth as a very wicked man , you perhaps will not dare to plunge into the struggle for wealth , yet your mind will be running day and night after money .-----------SWAMI VIVEKANANDA

return love for hatred...

May I forgive (first inwardly, then outwardly) those who have most deeply injured me. I would return love for hatred, sweet praise for sour complaints, and good for evil. (Sri Paramahansa Yogananda)###

try to live happily in any place, under any condition...

Never complain against bad environments.

There are some difficulties and disadvantages

wherever you go. You cannot get an ideal place

and ideal surroundings in any part of the world.

This world is a relative plane of good and evil.

Try to live happily in any place, under any

condition. You can get sanguine success

in any undertaking.

(Swami Sivananda)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Guru... take me out of this tremor of materialism...


In tremor of materialism
No shore seen nearby
O ! thou came near by
To take me out of this tremor of materialism
Solved all my problems
Made me cross this sea
Your Midas touch
Changed this iron into gold
Helped me to recognize God
Make me realize ecstasy of joy
Reformed my human form
O! Guru thou are great

Friday, June 17, 2011


Sincerity is a soul quality that God has given to every human being, but not all express it.
paramhansa yogananda

Infinite Power...

Soar high like a vulture
But keep your eye
On spirituality
We are like lamps
We have to spread light
Of love and compassion
We have to cleanse the dust
Fro the mirror of our lives
Infinite power is back
We are immortal knowledge
Beyond the senses
O! Light of the world
O! soul of the universe
Bless us

Birth and death are doors through which you pass from one dream to another...

Birth and death are doors through which you pass from one dream to another. Someone is born on Earth in France as a powerful king, rules for a time, then dies. He maybe reborn in India, and travel in a bullock cart into the forest to meditate. He may next find rebirth in America as a successful businessman; and when he dreams death again, reincarnates perhaps in Tibet as a devotee of Buddha and spend his entire life in a lamasery. Therefore hate none and be attached to no nationality, for sometimes you are a Hindu, sometimes a Frenchman, sometimes an Englishman, or an American or a Tibetan. What is the difference? Each existence is a dream within a dream, is it not?

paramhansa yogananda

no one can purify another..

By oneself alone is evil done,

by oneself is one defiled.

By oneself is evil avoided,

by oneself alone is one purified.

Purity and impurity depend on

oneself, No one can purify another.

(Lord Buddha)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am the Life of all...

He who knows his soul knows this truth:
" I am beyond everything finite; I I now see that the Spirit, alone in a space with Its ever-new joy, has expressed Itself as the vast body of nature.
I am the stars,
I am the waves,
I am the Life of all,
...I am the laughter within all hearts,
I am the smile on the faces of the flowers and in each soul.
I am the Wisdom and Power that sustain all creation. "
paramhansa yogananda

Parvati.. the Yogini....

Parvati.. the Yogini
The mother goddess Parvati, as a yogini, is one who seeks spiritual perfection.  In the standing form of Parvati, she stands in the samabhanga (equipoise) stance where her entire body is symmetrical and identically positioned laterally.  This stance reflects complete balance and equilibrium of a person achieving oneness with the universe.

(posted by Dr. Carolyn D. Heising, Ames, Iowa USA:  from the SANKALP organization fundraiser of Ames, Iowa USA)

abandon anger...

Save me from attacks of fury fever

that shock my nerves and inflame

my brain. May I abandon the anger

habit that brings unhappiness to

me and my companions.

(Sri Paramahansa Yogananda)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

sufferings are a gateway to purify the soul...

All our sufferings develop the quality of patience and by this patience we can face any sufferings.Sufferings are a gateway to purify the soul.-------Ram Sharma

the charitable man is loved by all..

The charitable man is loved by all;
his friendship is prized highly; in death
his heart is at rest and full of joy,
for he suffers not from repentance;
he receives the opening flower of his
reward and the fruit that ripens from it.
(Lord Buddha)

God and We...

Thou are light, we darkness
Thou tree, we axe
Thou driver , we vagon
Thou welfare, we greed
Thou cosmos , we particle
Thou sea , we drop
Thou lotus, we leech
Thou master , we servant

only the present exists...


Sannyas is not a religion.

It is not a church, it is not a sect.

It is not an effort to force you

According to some pattern.

It is just to help you to be totally free

So that you can be yourself.

My effort here is

To give you a taste of freedom.

Once you have tasted freedom

Nobody can enslave you.

And the politicians and the priests

Are all for enslaving people.

They don't want people who are intelligent

People who are free, people who are rebels.

They want slaves because slaves can be

Exploited easily, oppressed easily,

Manipulated easily, dominated easily.

And I am creating fire here!

Each of my sannyasin has to prove a danger

To all the old rotten structures of society.

Each sannyasin has to be a sabotage.

That's why I have chosen

The colour of fire for sannyas.

And we have to make so many sannyasins

That they cannot manage so many fire brigades!

Sannyas is a rebellion against all conventions

Against all conformities, against all ideologies

Against all traditions,

In short against the whole past.

Unless one gets rid of the past

One is never available to the present

And only the present exists

And only in the present can god be found,

Not in the past, not in the future either.

Both are non-existential.

Past is no more, future is not yet.

This moment, this now is all there is.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Love is the Heaven...

• Love is the Heaven
Toward which the flowers, rivers, nations, atoms, creatures — you and I
Are rushing by the straight path of action right,
Or winding laboriously on error’s path,
All to reach haven there at last.

Self- realization...

• Self-Realization is the knowing in all parts of body, mind, and soul that you are now in possession of the kingdom of God; that you do not have to pray that it come to you; that God’s omnipresence is your omnipresence; and that all that you need to do is improve your knowing.
o The Essence of Self-Realization

Sunday, June 12, 2011

we are spiritual beings on human path..

We are not human beings on spiritual path
But we are spiritual beings on human path

Cosmic Joy....

Grosser light vanishes into eternal rays
Of all-pervading Cosmic Joy.
From Joy we come,
For Joy we live,
In the sacred Joy we melt

merging innermost being in the stream of humanity as a whole...

Sri Yukteswar used to poke gentle fun at the commonly inadequate conceptions of renunciation.
"A beggar cannot renounce wealth," Master would say. "If a man laments: 'My business has failed; my wife has left me; I will renounce all and enter a monastery,' to what worldly sacrifice is he referring? He did not renounce wealth and love; they renounced him!"
Saints like Gandhi, on the other hand, have made not only tangible material sacrifices, but also the more difficult renunciation of selfish motive and private goal, merging their inmost being in the stream of humanity as a whole.
o Ch. 44 - With Mahatma Gandhi At Wardha

the ego (small case "self") is an error, an illusion, a dream...

The ego (small case "self")  is an error, an illusion, a dream.
Open your eyes and awake. See things
as they are and you will be comforted.
He who is awake will no longer be afraid
of nightmares. He who has recognized
...the nature of the rope that seemed
to be a serpent, ceases to tremble.
(Lord Buddha)

may I shower the blossoms of forgiveness...

As a jasmine vine sheds its flowers
over the hands delivering ax blows
at its roots, so, on all who act
inimically toward me may I shower
the blossoms of forgiveness.
(Sri Paramahansa Yogananda)

may I find my Self in all...

Whenever I see men maimed in limb or shattered by sorrow, may I feel that it is Thine Omnipresent Spirit suffering in those forms. Teach me to sympathize with all my brothers and to fight to free them from miseries, even as I would try to free myself. Craving, struggling, weeping and smiling for others, at last may I find my Self in all.

(Sri Paramahansa Yogananda)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nirjala Ekadashi fast.. June 12th..for Lord Vishnu..

NIRJALA EKADASHI FAST-----JUNE 12---on this day we don`t take any water from sun rising to sun set.Lord Vishnu is worshipped today .---OM VASUDEVAY NAMAH
-- Dr. Ram Sharma, Meerut, India

Man is like dewdrop...


Man is like a dewdrop
Existence is like the ocean
And we are trying to keep ourselves
Separate from it.
That is the root cause of our misery.

Only one thing is needed:
A jump into the ocean so the dewdrop disappears.
It does not really disappear
It only loses its small boundaries.
It becomes oceanic, it becomes the ocean itself.
But in a sense it disappears.
You cannot find it any more.
It loses its old identity
Its old nameplate and its old address.
It has become part of such vastness
That there is no way to find it.
It cannot stand out, that is the fear.
That's why we go on keeping ourselves
Away from the ocean.

Sannyas means an effort to gather courage
To disappear into the ocean.
And that day is the greatest day in life
When you die into the ultimate
Because then you become the ultimate.
It is not death, it is resurrection.
Time dies, eternity is born.
Finitude dies but infinity is born.
Smallness dies but greatness is born.
It is worth truing!

I want to become your flute..

by  DR. RAM SHARMA, Meerut, India

I want to become your flute,
keep it on your lips,
...fulfill my age long wish,
fil new life in it,
sing a new song,
i want to get new meaning,
by this song of flute

Akratunday hum...OM NAMAH SHIVAYA..


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love can never be the means, it must be the perfect end...

Love can never be the means , it must be the perfect end.What is the end and aim of love ? To love God , that is all. Why should one love God ? [ There is } no why, because it is not the means.When one can love, that is salvation , that is perfection , that is heaven .What more ? What else can be the end ? What can you have higher than love ?---------------------SWAMI VIVEKANAND

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

derive your identity from consciousness itself...

Most people derive their identity from their past, which is their thoughts. If you can derive your identity from consciousness itself, then you've transcended the personal. If you can live your life in a way that the transcendent can shine through it, through the personal realm into this world, then that is the fulfillment of your destiny. -- Eckhart Tolle... Present Moment reminders (6/8/11)

Lord Buddha is laughing on us...

by Dr. Ram Sharma, Meerut, India

Lord Buddha is laughing on us,
On our two faces,
We are fighting each other,
On caste, creed and religion,
We should fight with poverty and hunger,
Buddha is smiling,
To see our creativity of cheating,
Our blood is being shed,
Like water,
The water level is falling,
But blood level is increasing,
Birds and animals have disappeared
He is laughing on our disconcern,
Of these things,
His laugh is more acute on,
Our materialistic blind race
Buddam Sharnam Gacchami
[I go in the shelter of Buddha]

whoever is master of their own nature... they may wear the yellow robe..

If a person's  thoughts are muddy,
If they are reckless and full of deceit,
How can they wear the yellow robe?
Whoever is master of their own nature,
Bright, clear and true,
They may indeed wear the yellow robe.
--------------LORD BUDDHA

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

OM... the symbol of the whole universe...

Om is resonance .This can be felt with the positive energy.In other religions Om is described as AMEN or OMEN. Om is the symbol of the whole universe.The chanting of Om creates the positive energy all around .You can control your serious diseases by regular chanting of OM.OM creates concentration.—OM – OM ---OM ------- Dr.--Ram Sharma

the highest spiritual Truth...

The whole world requires Light. It is expectant! India alone has light, not in magic, mummeries and charlatanism, but in the teaching of the glories of the spirit of real religion- of the highest spiritual truth. That is why the Lord has preserved the race through all its vicissitudes unto the present day.
- Swami Vivekananda

I liberate you from the bondage of ignorance...

Know you all that if I am the Highest of the High my role demands that I strip you of your possessions and wants, consume all your desires and make you desireless rather than satisfy your desires. Sadhus, saints, yogis and walis can give you what you want; but I take away your wants and free you from attachments and liberate you from the bondage of ignorance. I am the one to take, not the one to give, what you want as you want. -------MEHAR BABA

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thou art I.. I am Thou...

Thou art I, I am Thou,
Knowing, Knower, Known, as One!

with the immortal spark of thought...

 In wrath I strike, and set the dark ablaze
With the immortal spark of thought,
By friction-process brought
Of concentration
And distraction.
The darkness burns
With a million tongues;
And now I spy
All past, all distant things, as nigh.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

do not brood over your past mistakes and failures...

“Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with grief, regret and depression. Do not repeat them in the future.”
Swami Sivananda


Mother Yasoda
Tied child Krishna
Between two trees
Became relaxed
Found two trees fallen on the ground
Lord Krishna nowhere found
Mother Yasoda became worried
Found Krishna Laughing
Saw the whole world in his mouth
Mouth sticken with butter
Just said see you later

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the true basis of religion is not belief.. but intuitive experience...

The true basis of religion is not belief, but intuitive experience. Intuition is the soul’s power of knowing God. To know what religion is really all about, one must know God.
o The Essence of Self-Realization