Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Benefits of living a sattvic lifestyle (vihara)... meditation most important...

Namaste friends... today I want to discuss the benefits of living a sattvic lifestyle (or vihara).  I found these pointers on a google search and find this to be a nice summary of the basics:
A Sattvic Life
– waking in the hours of Brahma Mahurt (the hour of totality, 1-2 hours before Surya (the sun) rises
– gentle exercise daily
daily meditation (twice for Vedic Vihara:morning/evening)
– a considered approach and routine to eating; eating at the same time each day, and eating sitting and not engaged in other activities and gratitude for what we are enjoying
– getting to bed early
– development of Sattvic states of mind; calm, positivity, enthusiasm, joy, happiness, honesty, humility, flexibility, moderation, balance, gratitude
– being engaged in conscientious hard work that contributes good in the world
Of course,  I believe that daily meditation (twice for Vedic vihara  in morning and evening) is the  most important component of the sattvic lifestyle.
Wishing you a most sattvic vihara...

--Dr Carolyn Heising [PHOTO:  On the Ganges (Maa Ganga) on India trip no. 3, June 2011]

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