Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yoga is much more than asanas...postures... a new awakening will come as your learn to meditate...

Yoga is much more than asanas .... postures....

"Day by day,  as you learn to meditate,  a new awakening will come....
The mist of silence and mystery which hangs over everything will slowly vanish before the dawning light of your mental and devotional search for God." --Paramahansa Yogananda


  1. “…possessed of yog, of selfless action, who has conquered the body, whose senses are subdued, whose thoughts and feelings are spotlessly clean, and who has realized his identity with God, the Spirit of all beings. He remains unblemished even though he is involved in action, because his deeds are aimed at garnering seeds of the highest good for those who lag behind."

  2. "Yogeshwar Krishn says that they who surrender themselves to him and practise selfless action know him perfectly. But hardly one among thousands endeavours to know him and hardly one among those who try really knows him. The worshiper who has had a direct perception of him knows him not as a corporal body-a clod of earth, but as the all-pervading Spirit.

    The eightfold nature is his lower, insensate nature, but infusing its depths there is the Spirit which is his conscious nature. All beings arise from the association of these two natures. Sri Krishn is the root of all creation. It is he who has made both the radiance of light and the valour of men. He is the selfless manliness of the strong and he, too, is the sacred aspiration of his devotees.

    All desires are forbidden, but Arjun is told to cherish the desire to realize him. The emergence of this one worthwhile craving is also a blessing from him. The desire to be united with God is the only desire that is in tune with the essence of dharm."

    Humble pranam for universal grace-sharing is "awake" and "alive" as truth-breaths within Supreme Spirit; uplifting with all through divine metaphysical feelings and lighting grace of care through arrangements gifted for entire Humanity... as from Yogeshwar Lord Krishn within His Loving discourses shared with dear heart-devoted Arjun throughout entire Divine teachings of Srimad Bhagavad Geeta. All Love-imparted knowledge becomes spiritual acquisition for entire humanity and waking to live through Self Realization's living as divine unity's eternal peace-giving. All God's grace-sharing is ever lovingly providing for all - step by step through such loving teachings as imparted by Accomplished Masters, Sages and Seers.

    Bow down inside Loving Lotus Feet of Divine Love!

    Humble Wishes!!!