Thursday, February 3, 2011

I salute Guru..

GURU BRAHMA GURU VISHNU GURUDEVO MAHESHWARAH, GURU SAKSHAT PARBRAHMA TASMEE SREE GURUVE NAMAH MEANS----Guru is Brahma[ creator of the universe] Guru is Vishnu[ Nourisher of the world] Guru is Mashesh[ destroyer of the world], Guru is absolute Braham , I salute such Guru[ teacher] again and again---SKANDPURAN/GURUGEETA

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    God has come on the earth in 1936.He took the loan of a experience
    person of age sixty whom he gave name "PRAJAPITA BRAHAMA".He has come
    on earth to give the gyan to his son i.e the 'soul’. His name is
    "PRAMPITA PARMATMA SHIV" the 'supreme soul'.he has come to give us the
    royalty of the 'DIETY WORLD'. He doesn't come in every 'yug' but come
    in a "SANGAM YUG" i.e the
    end of 'kaliyug' and beginning of 'satyug'.The earth is under the great
    destruction in the forth coming future.

    God says"Hey son you are soul not body.I have come according to the
    drama to liberate you from the 'MAYA'.Now i have come to give the
    royalty of 'DIETY WORLD' where there will be total
    happiness,peace,wealth,joy,health.If you give me your current one
    birth instead of it i give you a 'RAJAI' OF 21 birth.You will have no
    trouble,tension.You will be ever healthy and ever wealthy.I promise i
    will take your whole responsibility as the father take.I am your
    'RUHANI FATHER'.so son utilise your birth and time."