Saturday, June 11, 2011

Man is like dewdrop...


Man is like a dewdrop
Existence is like the ocean
And we are trying to keep ourselves
Separate from it.
That is the root cause of our misery.

Only one thing is needed:
A jump into the ocean so the dewdrop disappears.
It does not really disappear
It only loses its small boundaries.
It becomes oceanic, it becomes the ocean itself.
But in a sense it disappears.
You cannot find it any more.
It loses its old identity
Its old nameplate and its old address.
It has become part of such vastness
That there is no way to find it.
It cannot stand out, that is the fear.
That's why we go on keeping ourselves
Away from the ocean.

Sannyas means an effort to gather courage
To disappear into the ocean.
And that day is the greatest day in life
When you die into the ultimate
Because then you become the ultimate.
It is not death, it is resurrection.
Time dies, eternity is born.
Finitude dies but infinity is born.
Smallness dies but greatness is born.
It is worth truing!

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