Wednesday, June 15, 2011

only the present exists...


Sannyas is not a religion.

It is not a church, it is not a sect.

It is not an effort to force you

According to some pattern.

It is just to help you to be totally free

So that you can be yourself.

My effort here is

To give you a taste of freedom.

Once you have tasted freedom

Nobody can enslave you.

And the politicians and the priests

Are all for enslaving people.

They don't want people who are intelligent

People who are free, people who are rebels.

They want slaves because slaves can be

Exploited easily, oppressed easily,

Manipulated easily, dominated easily.

And I am creating fire here!

Each of my sannyasin has to prove a danger

To all the old rotten structures of society.

Each sannyasin has to be a sabotage.

That's why I have chosen

The colour of fire for sannyas.

And we have to make so many sannyasins

That they cannot manage so many fire brigades!

Sannyas is a rebellion against all conventions

Against all conformities, against all ideologies

Against all traditions,

In short against the whole past.

Unless one gets rid of the past

One is never available to the present

And only the present exists

And only in the present can god be found,

Not in the past, not in the future either.

Both are non-existential.

Past is no more, future is not yet.

This moment, this now is all there is.


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