Thursday, January 15, 2015

OSHO vision... life can be lived as a song or as a sadness... it is our choice...


Life can be lived as a song or as a sadness – it is our choice. Many people, the majority, choose sadness for the simple reason that to be sad is easy. It needs no art, no intelligence, it needs no work upon yourself. People are lazy, they don't want to work. And to work upon oneself is arduous, it is an uphill task, but great is the benefit. Great is the joy of those who start on the path and move towards the peak. Their life becomes a song.

To live in sadness is to live in dark valleys. It is comfortable, convenient, because you don't have to go up the hill, but it is without adventure. It is boredom, it has no thrill and no surprise – and if it has no thrill and no surprise you miss the point.

Life has to be a constant wonder, every moment should bring new surprises. But that is possible only if you start moving upwards, towards the sunlit peaks. Beyond the clouds there is infinite sky . . . and the freedom of it. Then life is a song, is a dance, is a celebration.

A sannyasin has to create that song. Unless that song is created a sannyasin has not lived rightly; his sannyas was formal, he was not committed to it.

Be a committed sannyasin so that your life can become an explosion of beauty, of bliss, of benediction.

Life is a blessing. Even if it is sometimes disguised as a curse. Never be deceived by the appearances, because the darkest night is nothing but the womb for the dawn and the saddest moment can become a stepping stone towards joy. The thorns on the rose bush are not against the rose flowers; they are guards, protectors.

Start looking at everything as a blessing. That is your meditation.

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