Tuesday, January 27, 2015

those who always remain detached transcend karma automatically...

"The work without ego [feeling of I and My] does not create attachment.
Our great ancestors like Janak, Kabir, Raidas etc. and many others in recent times who were in the hot pursuit of Self-Awareness [Mumukshajanas] performed work without attachment and we must follow suit.
Those who always remain detached, transcend karma automatically [are beyond karma and akarma]. Detached work [karma] is devoid of ego [sense of doing]. It is this detached work which has been termed as KA...RMATYAGA [being free from work or shedding the work]. Performing the detached work is called VIKARMA.[4:14-19]
The word KEVALA or KAIVALYA is a specific stage in Kriya-practice which can be learnt only from the Rev. Gurudeva.
No sin can be imposed upon the practitioners of this kriya. It is only on attaining Kaivalya that one becomes NISHKAMA [free from desires] and is adored with the divine qualities of SARVAPARIGRAHA and PURNA CHAITANYATA.
It is this KRIYA which has been explained as SAHAJA-KARMA in the 48th shloka of the eighteenth chapter [4:20-23]
The phenomenon of merger [AHUTI] of five pranas [APANA, UDANA , SAMANA, VYANA and PRANA] with the main prana [MUKHYA PRANA] is called the great deed or karma [MAHAKARMA].
A sadhaka himself becomes BRAHMA when he learns this KARMA from the Rev. Sadaguru and keeps on performing it. [4:24]"
-- Lahiri Mahasay, Bhagavad Gita Commentary

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