Monday, April 18, 2011

Mind... from Bhagwad Geeta..

Mechanism of Mind ......... from Bhagwad Geeta ...... 

    Bhagwad Geeta says:

     It is the mind which  is responsible for the  creation of desires and desires ultimately are  responsible for Soul & Body ties up. All desires are affected by the three gunnas of nature. There may be one or two or maybe all three gunnas of nature in a desire. A desire  is in actuality  a representation of three properties of nature.

    Mind plays an important role in creating a desire. As per Chapter 3 Stanza 39 of Bhagwad Geeta it is said that a desire is the  utmost enemies of a human being;   it is just like a  fire which increases with fuel.

    All desires are materialistic attractions and their traces go to our soul and are responsible for our total behavior and personality.

    Prakriti & Its Three Gunaas – Three Properties of Nature

    Satogunaa... Razogunna...



    Desires Tamogunna...

    Wishes Lust


    Senses Mind Intelligence SOUL

    See how desire is formed in one’s mind. Take a look at above figure. In a human body what is actually exposed to this nature is our five sense organs and sense. Materialistic attractions are there as shown in fig. Our senses (shown in green) perceive all these attractions available around us. Nothing can be happened and no desire can be crated if no mind is there. As stated in Chapter 2 Stanza 67 of Bhagwad Geeta presence of mind is necessary in creating a desire. Mind can play its role even with the help of a single sense.

    As mind comes with a sense; desire becomes strong. As per Chapter 3 Stanza 42 of Bhagwad Geeta mind transmit that information to Intelligence (which is shown in blue in this figure) and the Intelligence after manipulating the information related to that desire; ultimately succeed in gaining acceptance of Soul for that particular desire. So, in this way a desire is formed and transmitted as per above said channel.

    Now If one’s keep his mind aside from senses he may attain state of ‘no-desires’ and can be self-realized. 

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