Sunday, May 22, 2011

man is not mortal.. he only appears to be...


Man is not mortal, he only appears to be.
The appearance is because of the body.
The body is born and one day dies.
Whatsoever begins ends
But there is something within you
Which never begins and never ends.
That's your reality, that's your being.
It is immortal.
There is no way for it to die.
It can't commit suicide.
Death does not exist for it
Just as darkness does not exist for light.
The moment you know yourself
You know that there is no death.
And in knowing it one is freed from all fear
One is freed from all agony, anguish, anxiety.
Knowing this one knows 'I am part of god.'
And that is the ultimate realisation.
Without it there is no fulfilment, no flowering.
Life remains empty.

Be as wide as god himself.
Believe in no limitations, in no boundaries
In no adjectives:
Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan
Jewish, Indian, Chinese, Japanese.
Drop all limitations.
Feel more and more just a pure consciousness
And your horizons will become wider and wider.
A moment comes when you are as big as god himself
Because you are pure consciousness.
Pure consciousness is another name for god.

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  1. osho's methodology is unique. It is very difficult to understand his methods to find the reality. It may look simple but How many of his disciples really reached his line of thought of high philosophy as mentioned here is questionable,