Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yama and Niyama.. first and second steps of Raj Yoga..

Yama- 1st step of Raj Yoga:- Practice of Truthfulness, Non Stealing, Non-Injury, Chaity, and non receiving of gifts. The idea behind last practice is that the mind of person who receives gifts is acted on by the mind of the giver. Receiving gifts destroy the independence by putting him under obligation to the giver. Understand the 1st step and be ready for the next.
Niyama - 2nd Step - Consists of practice of Cleanliness of body and Purity of mind, Contentment, Ausirity without going to extremes or weakening the body and mind. Study of Spiritual Wisdom, and devotion to GOD. (It does not mean that one should be contented with a lot of people who are in unfortunate circumstances). Understand the 2nd step and be ready for next ... ♥

Dr. Ram Sharma, Meerut, India

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