Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osho Insights...

Osho Insights
  • I am afraid of being Nobody
  • Prayer means Listening to God 
  • Meditation is not Concentration
  • Contemplation is not Meditation
  • Mind tends to be Serious and Sad
  • Truth is achieved only by Awareness
  • If Love has attachment in it, it is Lust
  • Laughter is far more sacred than Prayer
  • By purity Buddha always means Innocence
  • By meditation I mean a Relaxed Awareness 
  • Share more, and let sharing be the only Law
    Life has to be a love song; If it is not, it is not Life at all
  • I feel stuffed with my Stinginess - And still I hoard, Why
  • Live in the world but don't allow the world to Live in you
  • Man is fast asleep not only in the night but in the day too
  • People see only that which they Desire & they Project their Desire 
  • Life should not be taken as Work but as Play
  • Only the Seeker can be persuaded to Meditate
  • Creativity is one of the fundamentals of my Sannyas
  • Meditation has to be your love affair, not your greed

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